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This time of year we feel blessed to have a large warm shop to work in. We are currently performing maintenance work on our equipment so that when the weather warms up they will be ready to go! Off season maintenance creates less down time in the busy season and is a crucial part of our operation.

Januar 2020
October 2019

Harvest is moving right along. We've had good weather, good yields, and great people keeping us company in the cab! Check out who's in the combine on the home page!!

March 2019
Planting Prep

In March and Early April our main focus is always preparing for the planting season. It seems warm dry weather is never coming and then it sneaks up on us out of no where. This is why we like to be ready early! We are doing maintenance on the planters, tractors and all planting related equipment so that when the weather is fit we can start putting seed in the ground. be properly prepared ensures a smooth planting season and minimal down time. 

Post Harvest

We have been blessed again by another year of great yields. It was not uncommon this year to see numbers like 280 bushel per acre in corn and 85 bushel per acre in beans come across the yield monitor screen as the combine was driving through the field. Before harvest is was far fetched to think we could top the yields we saw in 2017 but here we are! We had many landowners, family, and friends riding in the combine. We also once again had amazing help all through out harvest and could not of done it with out each and everyone of them. 

October 23 2018

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